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Posted on: October 9, 2017

Residents to Vote on RAP Tax Reauthorization


  • The Recreation, Arts and Parks (RAP) tax is a 1/10 of a cent sales tax collected wherever sales taxes are paid in North Salt Lake.


  • It is tax revenue authorized for the purpose of funding recreation, arts, parks and open space facilities. In 2009, residents approved the tax for construction of Legacy Park in Foxboro, Tunnel Springs Park and the Wild Rose Trailhead Park.


1. City can make its bond payment

The City is obligated to make bond payments until 2029 of approximately $310,000 annually. Re-authorization of this tax will generate the needed revenues to meet this obligation.

2. We’re all paying this tax in other cities

All of North Salt Lake’s neighboring cities collect this same tax and so when shopping outside of the City, residents will still be paying this tax.

3. Keep taxes low

Re-authorization of this tax will prevent the City from having to raise revenues through more invasive taxes such as property tax which tends to be higher and more permanent. The RAP tax is the best way to pay these bonds and will end in ten years.

4. Residents have great parks

Residents of the City authorized the imposition of this tax and the City constructed several parks on the strength of this revenue stream. Residents who are now enjoying the early construction of these parks should pay a nominal charge in sales tax to pay for the costs of the parks. The City enjoys wonderful parks for very little cost.

5. The tax is VERY small compared to other ways to pay the bond

The tax is very nominal and equals 1/10 of a cent for every dollar spent or 1 cent for every $10 or 10 cents for every $100 spent. This equates to an estimated $17 per person per year. This is the right funding source for our parks construction bond.

6. Support for more recreation

Re-authorization of the tax may also generate some additional revenues that could help the City to build additional park amenities and trail segments. The City has many park and trail needs and though there won’t be a large surplus, whatever excess revenue is generated will go to support additional planned projects.


The City solicited arguments against the proposed RAP tax and did not receive any responses.

There will be a public hearing on this proposed reauthorization on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible, in the North Salt Lake City Council chambers located at 10 East Center Street, North Salt Lake, Utah.

The voting process for the RAP Tax Ballot Proposition will be the same as the voting process for the General Election. Registered voters of Davis County and all cities within Davis County will be mailed Vote by Mail ballots 21 days before election day UCA 20A-3-305(1)(b). For information about alternate forms of voting, voters may contact the Davis County Clerk/Auditor's Office at (801) 451-3589 or, or the City Recorder, Linda Horrocks, 10 East Center Street, North Salt Lake, UT at (801) 335-8709, or visit the City Website at

Linda Horrocks, CMC
City Recorder

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