Youth City Council


  • 5 p.m.
  • Every Tuesday of each month
  • City Hall
    10 E Center St.
    North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Contact Us

Download a Youth Council Application if you’re interested in joining the council. The Youth City Council Advisors are Council Member Natalie Gordon, and John and Marnie Tobin. You can reach Council Member Gordon at Email. For information on North Salt Lake Youth City Council, visit their Facebook page.

Purpose of the Youth City Council

The Youth City Council program was originally started as part of Utah Community Progress (UCP) and was sponsored by Utah State University Extension Service, Utah League of Cities and Towns, and the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development. The first Youth City Council in Utah was organized in Hyrum City. Then Hyrum Mayor Bruce Darley and Utah State University Community Development Specialists Wes Maughan and Jeri Winger were instrumental in starting this first youth city council. The number of cities participating with YCC’s grew to the point that an Association of Youth Councils was formed in 1992. This non-profit association provides continued leadership for Youth City Councils throughout Utah. Their mission is to provide opportunity for youth to develop mature citizenship, leadership, a sense of personal achievement and an understanding of government.

Involving Youth in Solving Community Problems

Local Youth City Councils (YCCs) are designed to involve youth in solving community problems. Elected or appointed youth leaders assume responsible roles in developing communication among community groups and with other young people in the community. Young people learn to identify their needs, to organize activities and service for themselves, and to participate with their adult counterparts in city programs. Through this process they:

  • Become more aware of community leaders and their concerns
  • Identify community opportunities and problems that involve youth
  • Set priorities for action
  • Examine alternatives for best solutions
  • Assist the City Council in action programs
  • Become more involved in the democratic process

Examples of Youth Involvement

Some communities have seen their Youth City Councils take the lead in providing senior citizen holiday dinners and youth dances, developing park property, initiating successful drug abuse prevention programs, conducting anti-vandalism campaigns, voter awareness activities, community celebrations, and more. All this is achieved through a cooperative effort between elected city officials, support from the Association of Youth Councils, advice from Utah State University Extension Community Development faculty, and the youth themselves.