Mission Statement

The members of the North Salt Lake Police Department are committed to demonstrate our value to the City of North Salt Lake by recognizing our purpose and mission. That mission is to:

Fulfill our Constitutional role in society while protecting the Constitutional rights of all individuals we serve and protect.

Promote public safety through enforcement, leadership and example.

Prevent and solve crime affecting the City of North Salt Lake.

As members of the North Salt Lake Police Department, we will achieve our mission by adhering to the following values:

  • Integrity- Our personal strength of character can never be compromised. It is the foundation of our community’s trust.
  • Honesty- No situation or event is worth jeopardizing our reputation of trust.
  • Respect- We bring respect to our profession by treating all those we contact with due respect.
  • Diligence- Success is achieved by relentless pursuit of our goals.
  • Accountability- As the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics states, we understand the badge of our office is a symbol of public trust. We are accountable for our decisions and actions, on and off duty.
  • Training- Great results are not accidental but achieved through proper training and education.
  • Creativity- Great ideas bring great results. Each problem is different and this organization values unique and well-thought-out strategies to achieve greatness.
  • Belief- We can and do make a difference in our community. Each contact, each case, each situation is an opportunity to leave a situation better than we found it.
  • Reverence for the Law- We are privileged to be appointed the first line of defense as it pertains to the rule of order in this community. Knowledge and understanding of statutory and case law is essential to our success.

We are the symbol of excellence of this community and our profession.

Sworn Officers

The North Salt Lake Police Department is staffed by 26 Sworn Law Enforcement Officers. Besides the Chief, these positions include two Deputy Chief's, four Sergeants, three Corporals, and Officers assigned to duties in Patrol, Detectives, Special Operations (Gang Enforcement, Community Liaison, Special Investigations), K-9, and Traffic. Other collateral responsibilities are SWAT, Motors, Commercial Vehicle Inspection, Public/Media Relations, Training Officers, and DARE Patrol Officers ensure the department can respond to all calls for service 24 hours/day. Detectives are also on-duty or available on-call 24/7. Special Events and gatherings often require additional support than normal and the department maintains a close working relationship with neighboring police departments, drawing on and providing additional support when needed.

Other Police Department Employees include three support staff and Emergency Management Director.