Domestic Farm Animals

Domestic Farm Animal Licenses are no longer required, effective October 2, 2018
  • Single family or duplex lots in residential zones
  • Secure yard, enclosure, or run
  • 1 enclosure/run per property lot
  • Enclosure (coop/pen/hutch) must be at least 35 feet from neighboring homes
  • Enclosure must be at least 5 feet from property lines
  • Enclosure or run ventilated, clean, dry, and odor free
  • Coop must have nesting boxes & perches
  • May not be kept within the home
  • Not permitted prior to occupancy of home
  • Enclosure and manure storage must be kept 20 feet from streams, ditches, storm drains
Lot Size
Animal Points Allocated
Less than 7,000 sq. ft.18
7,000 sq. ft. to 21, 780 sq. ft.45
21,780 sq. ft. or greater45 +1 each additional 500 sq. ft.
Type of Animal
Number of Animal Points
Chickens, rabbits, pheasants, ducks, pigeons
3 points each
Turkeys, geese
10 points each
Sheep, goats, llamas
50 points each
Roosters, donkeys, pigs, cows, horses, ostriches
Not permitted
Nuisance animals (raccoons, skunks, etc.)
Not permitted
Any non-domesticated animal, including exotic pets
Not permitted
Miniature pot belly pigs are not considered domestic farm animals and are regulated as household pets.