Criminal Charges

You received a ticket or were arrested and charged with violating the law.  Now what? We’re in a COVID-19 pandemic and City offices are closed to the public?

WHEN must you Pay or Appear?  14-days

The law requires you to either Pay or Appear within FOURTEEN DAYS after your ticket or arrest, but most formal court hearings have been postponed until after June 1st.  So, within 14 days, you simply pay online or contact the Clerk and either PAY the ticket in full (or set up monthly payments), or set up a date with the Clerk to APPEAR before the Judge later.  Do one or the other NOW – within 14 days of the ticket/charge.  


mandatory appearance - judge gavelFor most criminal charges, you can choose to simply PAY – rather than APPEAR on the charge.  And monthly payments are possible.  However, even if you just want to plead guilty, an appearance by you before the Judge is still required on some charges.  That is called a MANDATORY APPEARANCE.  This Court has Ordered that appearances are NOT mandatory during COVID-19 for any new charge – except a charge involving DUI, Theft, or Domestic Violence.  For those three charges, you must still see the Judge.  On all other charges, you may avoid appearing if you pay the fine in full or make a payment plan.  If you disagree with any part of your ticket/arrest and want to plead NOT GUILTY, you must contact the clerk and set up a time to see the Judge.

What is the AMOUNT of your fine?    

Court_FinesUnless you have a DUI, Theft, or Domestic Violence charge, you may pay the amount of the ticket in full.  If you pay the fine, a conviction will be entered on your record.  The amount of the ticket can be found at: 

The Clerk can also tell you the amount.  If you can’t afford to pay that amount immediately and in full, you can make a monthly fine payment arrangement by contacting the Clerk.  

HOW will you PAY or APPEAR? pay - green white

You may pay the full amount of the fine electronically at: You may make other payment arrangements by contacting the Clerk.   If you pay the fine, a conviction will be entered.  You may also contact the Clerk to set up a future time to appear before the Judge and meet with the Prosecuting Attorney and/or a Public Defender.

How can you see Judge Miller in a HEARING – NOW?  

Meet with the judgeContact an attorney or the Clerk to explain your circumstances and why you cannot wait. The Clerk will set up a time with the Judge, and possibly an attorney.  At that time, unless we call you, log in here: – or call 1-408-418-9388 and put in this access/meeting code:  960 072 760.  Judge Miller will conduct your hearing electronically.

How do you CONTACT the Prosecutor, Public Defender, and/or the Clerk?