Glass Recycling

July 22, 2021

Subject: Curbside Glass Recycling Service Now Available in North Salt Lake

Momentum Recycling is now offering its popular curbside glass recycling service to residents of North Salt Lake.  Based in Salt Lake City, the family-owned recycling services company will collect glass from residents on a monthly frequency and process it at its state-of-the-art glass recycling facility.  The recycled glass is then used by local Utah industry for fiberglass insulation, abrasives, water filtration, concrete production, and other applications.

Collecting glass separately is essential to successfully recycling it.  When glass is mixed with other recyclables like paper, cardboard, and plastic, it often breaks into very small pieces during collection and gets embedded in the other materials, making it very difficult to separate the glass from the other materials.  By collecting glass separately, more than 95% of the glass can be captured and recycled.

“Our mission is to help move communities towards zero waste,” said Jason Utgaard, Momentum Recycling’s General Manager.  “Each of us has the power to make choices that positively impact our community, and recycling glass is one of the ways to do so.”  Momentum Recycling also prides itself on hiring individuals who may otherwise face barriers to employment, including helping individuals who have struggled with substance abuse reclaim their lives and transition into a successful career.

Residents who subscribe to the service will receive a 35-gallon bin (with wheels & lid) to place all colors of glass jars & bottles into for recycling.  The cost for the service is $8 per month with a one-time $25 activation fee, and there is no contract.

For more information and to sign up, please visit or call (801) 355-0334.

Glass Recycling Momentum 7-22-21