Water Restrictions

May, 2021

Governor Cox declared a State of Emergency  due to drought conditions in Utah and has asked all of us to take measures to conserve water. Additionally, South Davis Water has informed the City that our allotment has been reduced by 20%. This specific cutback affects the Foxboro neighborhoods and some neighborhoods in the foothills. This is a challenging reduction and can’t be achieved unless all of us identify and implement ways to cut-back water usage in order to make it to Oct. 1, 2021 when outside water will be shut down for the year. In areas that are not using Weber Basin water, the City also encourages conservation so that aquifers can be preserved now and in the future. 

Tools for Conserving WaterWater Restrictions FB 7-23-21

Did you know the average homeowner in Utah applies almost double the amount of water onto their landscape than is necessary? Most of that is not an issue of belligerently wasting water, but simply a lack of knowing how much water our landscapes need to thrive, how efficient our sprinkler systems are, and how quickly they apply water on to the lawn. Our own Weber Basin Water Conservancy District offers a free water audit service to all homeowners. A water audit consist of well-trained interns from Weber Basin coming to your home and doing a personal assessment on the property. They check the irrigation system and make suggestions if they see anything that could make it more efficient. A simple field soil test is performed to determine general soil type and texture. A catch-cup test is performed to see how quickly the sprinklers are applying water to the lawn and to determine how uniform the water is being applied. Studies show that applying half an inch of water is ideal to adequately water the soil for turf roots without too much water running off the surface of the soil or out of the root zone. Call 801-771-1677 to schedule your own water audit with the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

The District also has rebate programs for the replacement of older toilets and for the installation of smart controllers for both residential and commercial businesses. You can view their programs at www.weberbasin.com/Conservation/Rebates. There are many other helpful resources at the following websites and we encourage residents to review these and to make any adjustments they can to conserve water this season: www.water.utah.gov; www.conservewater.utah.gov/weekly-lawn-watering-guide/; www.localscapes.com.

Though it’s convenient and easy to set our sprinkler clocks and never make adjustments or turn them off for a day or two, we should all be watching the weather for rain and heat and manually adjusting our watering times and frequencies so that we don’t use more water than is necessary to maintain healthy landscaping. The weekly lawn watering guide on the State’s website noted above can guide you every week to know how much water to use and how often. Please refer to this guide often and help do your part to conserve and save water.

City's efforts to Conserve 

The City is also taking steps to reduce its use of water. In all of the City’s major parks, we have installed smart irrigation controls which measure the moisture content of soils and, when needed, will reduce or stop watering until it’s needed. Residents should know that there is a delay in these devices adjusting watering times because they are not measuring weather conditions, but only soil moisture. So, if it’s raining and you see a City sprinkler operating, it only means that if the soil moisture is sufficient, the sprinklers may not come on again for several days after the rainstorm. We know that these occasions look like we’re wasting water or watering when we shouldn’t, but we are monitoring those situations and we won’t overwater.

 Thanks in advance for helping us all to conserve this important State resource!