2023 Flood Watch

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You may have heard concerns on the news about possible flooding from Spring runoff. The City of North Salt Lake is prepared for flooding and has made significant investments in its storm drainage infrastructure in recent years. There are things you can do to help us all stay free from water damage this spring:

If you notice an area where water is accumulating, please let us know immediately by calling the City. 

  • 801-335-8726 (M-Th, 7am-5:30)

  • 801-560-3718 (after hours)

If you see a storm drain in the street that has debris covering it or any material that might interfere with clear drainage, please let us know immediately. If you can easily clear such debris yourself, please do. 

Click FAQ buttonFAQ Button blue white (1) for helpful information and answers to common questions we are receiving from City residents. 

The City does not expect to have to use sandbags since our public streets and drains work very well. If there is a need for sandbags, the City has contingency plans to stage sand piles and bags at the Eaglewood Golf Course parking lot, Hatch Park parking lot and Legacy Park. Again, the City will only activate that contingency plan in the case of very severe weather or extremely fast snowmelt. 

If you feel you need sandbags for private property (limit 10), we have self-service sandbags at the public works building parking lot located at 640 North 400 West, and at Eaglewood Golf Course parking lot. You will need to bring shovels to fill your own bags, but that service will be available. 

Again, please let us know immediately if you see any ponding water during the spring runoff.

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Water accumulating or blocked storm drains, PLEASE CALL:


Regular business hours


After hours emergency