Water Rates 2023

August 2023

The City recently adopted its annual budget for the next 12 months including some utility fee increases that will be in effect for services received in July and reflected in the August utility bills. There is an increase in the City’s Storm Water Maintenance fee from $7 to $8 per residence. There is also an increase in solid waste collection fees from $15.87 per garbage can to $16.87, and an increase from $6.26 to $6.65 for recycling cans. Finally, there is a 10% increase in 3/4” and 1” water services (most residential customers).   

These fee increases are due to costs of service increases charged by third parties to the City in the case of solid waste hauling, increased costs of gas and electricity and the increasing costs of supplies and labor. The City is trying to contain costs to the greatest degree possible, but some of these increases are also part of a multi-year plan to keep up with infrastructure repair and maintenance, particularly in the City’s water service and Storm Drain service. Like most communities of our size and age, there are numerous locations where water and storm drain lines are deteriorating, leaking, breaking or simply at the end of life usefulness. The City studied these conditions for a long period of time and then determined that it needed to adopt incremental fee increases as opposed to very large one-time increases in order to keep up with repair and replacement schedules.

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