Building Department


Building Permits Required 

All new construction, additions, basement finishes, remodeling, siding, re-roofs, window replacement, and water heater and furnace replacements require a building permit and a building inspection. A building permit and inspections means that your home or commercial building:

  • Ensures your structure was built according to the approved plans
  • Meets standards for safety
  • Provides proof to insurance agencies that the work was done with a permit and safety requirements were met

NOTICE: New permits within the Sensitive Lands Overlay Zone require Geologic Hazard Investigation Permit, prior to applying for a building permit. Please contact the City Engineer at 801.335.8722 for more information. Geo Hazard Investigation Application

Apply for a Building Permit 

To check the status of your permit application or to schedule an inspection login to your account here:

Permit Account Login

Sheds and Accessory Structures

Land Use Permits

A land use permit is required for certain uses that do no require a building permit. Land use permits are reviewed by the City Planner for compliance to City Code

Demolition Permits

Prior to all demolition the building must be inspected or asbestos by a State certified asbestos inspector and a copy of the certification must be submitted with the demolition permit.  More information can be from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

Temporary Dumpsters and Portable Storage 

Temporary dumpsters and portable storage containers are permitted to be placed in a city street under certain circumstances for a maximum of 14 days. Permits are issued by the City Engineering Department.  More information here.