Do I need a license to operate a home business?
In accordance with Senate Bill 081 that took effect on May 9, 2017, the City of North Salt Lake will no longer require a city business license and fee for home businesses that meet the following criteria:

1. Home businesses that are operated only occasionally and by an individual under 18 years of age;
2. A home business, whose combined offsite impact of the home business and the primary residential use does not materially exceed the offsite impact of the primary residence alone.

Regardless of home occupation licensure, all home occupations are required to comply with NSL Code Section 10-10-5, Home Occupations, as amended.

However, the City of North Salt Lake recognizes that some home business owners desire to obtain a yearly business license despite being exempt from licensure and fee. Those business owners may voluntarily request a yearly business license at a processing cost of $25.00 annually.
The Home Business License Application can be found here

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