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Department or Employee Complaints

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  2. Although our department mission statement and core values reflect our desire to do our best on every call, there are occasions that an individual feels that their interaction with a police officer was not handled appropriately or in line with those values. Sometimes this may happen because of department policy or training, other times there are incidents of overt or inadvertent employee misconduct. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated by a member of the department's command staff.

    The North Salt Lake Police Department accepts and investigates all complaints received. No personal complainant information regarding a complaint is mandatory, but anonymous complaints are inherently difficult to verify. If the person making the complaint is desires follow-up contact, their name, address, and method of contact are required. When this information is provided the complainant will receive information regarding the disposition of the complaint.

    Complaints regarding the conduct of a police employee or the police department are accepted 24/7 by phone (801-298-6000), in-person (ask for an on-duty supervisor), e-mail, mail, or by submitting this form. Any police employee can take information regarding a complaint, but it will be forwarded to a supervisor for investigation. It is a violation of North Salt Lake City Police Department Policy for an employee to refuse to accept information regarding a personnel complaint.

    When a complaint is received, it is assigned to the administrative sergeant of the department for investigation. The sergeant will conduct follow-up interviews, review evidence, and prepare a report for the Assistant Chief. The Assistant Chief will then review the facts of the investigation and recommend a finding to the Police Chief. The Police Chief will then review the reports and recommendations and make a final determination regarding the complaint.

    Complaints are resolved in the following manner:
    1) Sustained - There is a preponderance of evidence that the misconduct occurred.
    2) Unfounded - There is a preponderance of evidence that no misconduct occurred.
    3) Not-Sustained - There is not enough information or evidence to prove or disprove the complaint.
    4) Exonerated - There is a preponderance of evidence that the incident or action occurred, but the employee was justified in the action. (This could be for a variety of reasons, some of which are inadequate or improper training that the department should have provided, a policy or procedure deficiency, lack of necessary resources for the employee to have acted appropriately, or other reasons that are beyond the officer's control or warranted the officer's actions).

    If a complaint is sustained, any corrective action or discipline is a personnel matter and will not be publicly disclosed.

    Please note that a person is guilty of making a written false statement if he or she knowingly gives false information to a law enforcement officer (UCA 76-8-506) and may be subject to criminal or civil action.
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