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YCC Application Form

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  2. NSL Youth City Council logo 2022 (1)
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  4. Meetings are every Tuesday from 5-6 pm at North Salt Lake City Hall. Are you willing to attend the NSL Youth Council meetings?*
  5. Every member of the youth city council will be placed on a committee. In this committee, they will help lead in their respective area. A description of the committees is below.*

    Choose Two.

  6. Committee Descriptions

    Service. The service committee is responsible for planning and managing the YCC “legacy” project (This is a yearlong service project). They will also plan 4 additional service projects throughout the year (aid for refugees, food pantry awareness campaign for the homeless, etc.).

    Leadership. The leadership committee is responsible for managing our monthly discussions on current events and community issues. They will organize and communicate days on which all members of the YCC will attend city council meetings (see logan requirements). They will help the service committee with the legacy project and will aid in recording attendance.

    Publicity. Publicity will manage the YCC Instagram account. They will take photos and record major YCC events. When needed, they will work with the city to communicate and advertise YCC hosted events.

    Activities. The activities committee is responsible for planning an activity once a month.

  7. Leadership Conference

    Every year, the YCC gets to attend an overnight leadership conference at Utah State. We can only take a limited number of people to this conference. Our goal is to take people who make YCC a priority in their life and have a passion for service. Under that goal, we have created the following system to determine who will attend the leadership conference.

    Every Tuesday, we meet as a YCC. For each weekly meeting you attend, you get 2 points. About once a month, this weekly meeting is a service project. For attending these meetings, you get an additional point (so 3 points total for the meeting). Occasionally (once every 6-8 weeks), we will meet for a second time in the week for a service project. Attending these non-Tuesday service days will earn you 4 points.

    At the end of the year, we will tally your points. If you have earned at least 75% of the possible points for the year, and if you attend 1 city council (the real city council) meeting that year, you will go to the leadership conference. Attendance marking will begin on October 1. No Exceptions.

  8. I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and that my parent/guardian has also reviewed the form and is in agreement.
  9. Meetings are every Tuesday from 5-6pm at North Salt Lake City Hall. If you have questions, please contact Audrey Beebe, YCC advisor, at 801-259-1156, email:, or Councilmember Natalie Gordon (801.706.9240) or
  10. 5/10/2023
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