Code Enforcement Process

Report a Potential Code Violation

To inquire about or report a potential code violation, please contact the code enforcement specialist at 801-335-8677. You may also report a possible violation via this link: Report a Concern  Be prepared to provide the address of the violation (even if approximate), a description of the violation, and your contact information in case the City needs additional information.

Courtesy Notice/Contact

After a violation is reported, the code enforcement specialist will investigate and determine the nature and extent of the violation. If it is found to be a violation or a potential violation, a courtesy notice identifying the violation will be delivered or mailed to the property owner. The property owner then has 10 days to review the violation with city staff, correct the problem or request an extension of time for compliance.

Notice of Violation

After initial contact via Courtesy Notice, the code enforcement specialist will investigate and determine if the violation has been remedied. If the violation is found to be valid, a Notice of Violation will be delivered to the property owner via the methods outlined in NSL Code, Title 12. The notice will state the specific codes in violation and the required action to abate the violation, and the required compliance deadline (minimum 10 days) to complete corrective action on the property and the scheduled date and time of a Code Enforcement Hearing. 

Hearing & Order of Abatement 

Property owners are required to appear before the Hearing Officer to determine if a violation exists. If found to be in violation, The Hearing Officer (Administrative Law Judge) may assess a fine of up to $100 per day, beginning on the date the Notice of Violation was issued. A copy of the Notice of Violation may be filed with the County Recorder's Office and will only be released upon compliance and payment of applicable fines.

The Hearing Officer may issue and order of Abatement for corrective action to remedy the violation and/or permit the City or designee enter the property to abate the violation and assess the property owner the actual costs incurred by the City for the abatement. Actual cost incurred for the abetment will be assessed to the property owner via tax lien.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Upon completion of corrective action to remedy of the violation, the property owner is responsible for contacting the code enforcement specialist for re-inspection of the property.

In cases where an immediate inspection is needed, the code enforcement specialist will make an appointment with the property owner/tenant, or may visit the property unannounced.