Annexation Policy Plan Update 2020

The City has hired a consultant to conduct a study regarding updating its annexation policy plan. The consultant is analyzing all the annexation areas, but is researching more extensively the potential impacts of the City of North Salt Lake annexing the proposed Misty River development and Cross E Ranch, as requested by the property owners, shown as "Area D" on the proposed Annexation Policy Map below. You can view the current Annexation Policy Plan at this link:

This page will serve as a repository of information for any interested parties to view updates, draft studies or plans (as available), meeting schedules, and the projected timeline. Please see the process flow chart below for the current phase of the annexation process.

If you represent an affected entity or property owner within or bordering proposed Annexation Area D and would like to be contacted to provide information to the City, please contact Ali Avery (contact information is on the right side of this page).

Update (4/27/2021): The consultant has completed the data collection and modelling and is currently drafting the proposed amendments to the Annexation Policy Plan. 

Annexation Study Areas

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Annexation Policy Plan Process

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