Legacy Park Splash Pad

The Splash Pad at Legacy Park, located at 1140 W 1100 N, attracts families and friends throughout the season. The Splash Pad is operational from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day each year. Hours are Monday - Saturday 10:00-8:00 PM and Sunday 12:00-6:00 PM.

Splash Park Rules: 

  • Do not drink the water
  • Running, boisterous, or rough play prohibited
  • No climbing or hanging on equipment
  • No animals 
  • No glass containers 
  • No smoking or alcohol
  • No bikes or skateboarding
  • Children not toilet trained must wear a swimming diaper and tightly fitting plastic pants
  • Splash pad may close at any time due to weather or maintenance 
  • Be courteous. Take turns. Enjoy!
  • This is an unsupervised facility - play at your own risk!
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Splash pad sunset Ken picture 7-2-2017

Why Aren't Dogs Allowed in Legacy Park?

IS IT A LAW, OR MERELY A SUGGESTION, THAT DOGS ARE PROHIBITED AT LEGACY PARK? This is a law, enacted by ordinance and codified in City Code. https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/.../norths.../0-0-0-13356... (See #3 under G.)

WHY AREN'T DOGS ALLOWED? MY DOG LOVES SPLASH PADS! Our splash pad water is reused in a recirculating system, so it naturally brings more regulations -- and one of those is no pets. First, pets shed much more than their human companions, and this causes drains to clog, possibly causing the system to malfunction. When there’s a lot of pet hair caught in the built-in strainers, the pumps have to work harder to circulate the water, and this can burn out the pumps. 

Secondly, dogs don’t wear swim diapers like toddlers (another rule). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a recirculating system the spray water will rinse any contaminants down into the water holding area to be sprayed again, and it’s possible for the water to become contaminated and make people sick. So, using that logic, when a dog poops, the solid erodes as the water passes through it (unlike a pool where it’s easy to spot). The slowly eroding feces contaminate the chemical system, and contaminated water also can get airborne as it sprays through the water features.

So, for everyone's health, it’s important to pay attention to posted signs and understand that pets have no place in the splash pad or surrounding park. Please help us keep the splash pad open and as safe as possible. Thank you.