Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about retrieving Property or Evidence? 

You can contact the evidence technician at 801-335-8651 for questions concerning found property. If your property has been placed into evidence because of its relevance in a criminal case, it may take more time for you to get your property back. There are circumstances where you may not get your property back. The evidence technician will let you know if your property is available. If you have property you need to pick up, you will need to call for an appointment. If possible, please have your case number available.

What do I do if I have information on Possible Drug Activity?

If you have information regarding possible drug activity and you would like to remain anonymous, you can contact the North Salt Lake Police TIP-LINE at 801-335-8676. If your situation requires immediate assistance or you wish to file a report regarding other criminal activity, please contact the police department at 801-335-8650

What do I do if I am the Victim of Identity Theft?

In most cases if you are a victim of identity theft, it is best to report it to your local law enforcement agency and online to the State Attorney General's Office. At the North Salt Lake Police Department, an officer will take your report and provide you with a case number.

How do I apply for a Police Officer position with your department? 

If you are applying for a position with the North Salt Lake Police Department, please contact us directly, as our department requires a different application than the standard city application.

How do I know if I have a criminal record statewide?

Contact the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Is there a warrant out for me?

We do not give this information over the phone or internet. You must come to our office with picture ID and request this information. You may also go the court to inquire. Also, the Utah Department of Public Safety - BCI now has this information available online.