Provisional Ballots

Provisional Ballots

Overview Provisional voting was mandated under the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) to ensure that every eligible voter who is registered or who believes they are registered can cast a ballot in federal elections with the knowledge that a fair process will be followed to determine if the provisional ballot is eligible to be counted.

Any registered voters of Utah who have moved anywhere in the state, but have not re-registered at their new address, are allowed to vote at their new polling location. Provisional ballots also allow people who register through a Driver's License Agency or other public agency and whose name does not appear on the Official Register (for whatever reason) to vote at their new polling location.

Proof of Identification

All provisional voters will be asked for photo identification AND/OR for proof of current residence at the polls. This information allows us to ensure that provisional voters were in fact previously registered to vote and to ensure that people are voting in their correct precinct. If both conditions are met, the vote will be counted. If either condition is not met, the vote will not be counted.

Provisional ID Requirements