Utility Emergencies

Emergency - Who do I call (1)


**AFTER HOURS Water Emergency Line: 801-560-3718.**

If you see or experience a Water Emergency during business hours, please call our office at 801-335-8700 for assistance.

Gas Leak 

To report a gas leak or other emergency call Dominion Energy at 800-767-1689. (This is a 24-hour service.)

  • Do not use open flames near an area with a suspected gas leak.
  • Leave the area until it is inspected for safety.
  • If in a building, open windows if possible and quickly leave the area.

Power Outages 

To report an outage, or receive an update on a current outage in your area, please call Rocky Mountain Power toll free at 877-508-5088.

Additional Emergency Information

Bountiful City Dispatch- 911 or 801-298-6000 (After North Salt Lake Police Business Hours)

South Davis Metro Fire- 911 (Non-Emergency- 801-677-2400 during business hours)

South Davis Water District- 801-295-4468

South Davis Sewer District- 801-295-3469

Animal Care of Davis County- 801-444-2200