Flip Your Strip

The City recently took steps to allow City of North Salt Lake residents the opportunity to participate in the "Flip Your Strip" rebate program offered and administered by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

See graphic for the steps required in the rebate process. More information: FLIP YOUR STRIP

Note: This program requires residents to adhere to City ordinances related to landscaping in park strips. 

Flipping your strip - but NOT using the rebate process? 

  • Residents are still required to adhere to ordinances relating to amounts of vegetation needed in park strips.

ORDINANCE NO. 2022-03 was approved by the City Council on June 8, 2022. See ordinance for more details on the City's requirements related to flipping your strip. Thank you!

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Flip your strip rebate process
Did you know Plants are Still Required in park strip 2022 (1)