Water Conservation

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The State of Utah has experienced record snowfall and precipitation over the past seven (7) months. The abundant moisture has done much to replenish the State’s water supplies, reservoirs and water levels of the Great Salt Lake. The State has moved out of the extreme drought category and will now experience a water year that is not quite as difficult as our most recent drought years. We have been informed by Weber Basin Water Conservancy District which supplies most of the City’s irrigation or outside water that we will have no reduction in the amount of the City’s contracted water supply. That is fortunate news for all of us and should help us as we preserve our yards, gardens and public open spaces.

The City is also continuing to move forward with best practices in order to use less water year over year. So, while irrigation water will be available this year, the City continues to ask its residents to participate in water saving initiatives and practices so that long-term use of irrigation water becomes sustainable even when water supplies are less plentiful. We believe with growth on the Wasatch Front and the very real possibility of drier than average precipitation in the future, the City’s use of water resources will have to include aggressive conservation goals. As a reminder, the City’s water rates are set to reward low water usage with smaller rates and will be much more costly for excessive water use.

Last year, the City adopted water conservation ordinances that allow our residents to participate in the Flip the Strip program offered through the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District. Click button to learn more:
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We ask residents and property owners to please follow the watering guide published by the State of Utah. You can find watering guidelines by clicking the Weekly Watering Guide button. 
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Thanks for working hard in the last two years to conserve irrigation water! We met our obligations in those years where we had less water provided to us than our contracted amounts. The City is appreciative of all those property owners who worked hard to cut back and made sacrifices to conserve.