Water Meters

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Did you know that all residential and commercial water meters in the City of North Salt Lake are read electronically each month? Staff from the Public Works Department use a mobile meter scanning unit to collect usage data the first week of each month. This information is then uploaded into the City utility billing program and reviewed for errors. 

Although this process has saved the City huge amounts of time and money, the process is not always perfect. Periodically, some properties do not pick up a signal during this remote electronic reading process. Each month, utility billing staff reviews the reads and identifies any properties that did not receive a read. They then submit a work order to public works requesting a manual read with a handheld device. 

Once all usage data has been collected, utility billing staff identifies potential errors or leaks by comparing usage from previous months and forwards this information to public works for additional review.


If you suspect you have a water leak on your property, or have questions about the process, please contact the utility billing office during regular business hours at 801-335-8703 to schedule a meter check.